Our Services

Solutions are important to us. We work in partnership with our customers.

We work in partnership with our customers across mining, construction and commercial industries to develop the right solutions to meet all types of metal manufacturing needs.

We have a way of working with our customers at Alliance Metal Solutions that keeps our customers coming back for more.

It's about working together in a team, using 3D SolidWorks software, and following the right steps to ultimately achieve the right-first-time outcomes for our clients.

Our Capabilities

Laser Cutting

We use the latest technology in computer controlled fiber laser cutting to deliver a high level of detail and quality.

With our Yawei Fiber Laser machine we can produce detailed components from various materials in small and large production runs.

This machine can run on automation and overnight.Pipes, angle and RHS can also be processed.

Turret Punch

Our CNC controlled Amada Turret Punch Press provides for automatic tool loading, and can run overnight.

An extensive range of tooling for our Punch Press is available at Alliance Metal and we service a wide range of industries to Mining, Construction, to Urban environments.

Plasma Cutting

Our Hako Kompact CNC plasma cutter is the ideal machine for cutting with thick parts where laser cutting cannot perform, or is not economically feasible.

The primary advantage of this technology is the fast cutting speed, especially when cutting parts without small holes. With this machine we are able to cut metal to a thickness of up to 50mm.



We have a team of skilled in-house welding specialists based in our Western Sydney factory.

We supply precise and accurate products at cost effective rates. We have the flexibility of multiple welding bays suitable for small intricate fabrication all the way through to large structural components.

We offer Tig Welding, Mig Welding, Spot Welding and Stud Welding.


CNC Bending

Achieve folding perfection with our Safan Darley bender.

Alliance Metal Solutions bending services help you to form sheet metal by the application of force.

Metal bending is used to apply a preferred shape to the metal without welding. We carry out bending of sheet metal parts using electrical and hydraulic CNC press brakes.

Powder-coated metal

Powder Coating

We operate a hook conveyor powder-coating line with both automatic and manual spraying capabilities. A superior finish is achieved via our three stage pre-treatment operation, as well as our temperature controlled kiln enabling us to powder coat an array of materials.

Alliance has the experience and skill needed to ensure a first class finish that meets our customers expectations every time.

Our Process


Project specification

Upon taking the brief from our customer, we will interpret this into a specification document for approval


Design development

Designing process commences of key pieces and products


Client review

Liaise with customer to review the designs and finalise requirements



From the designs, one piece per product will be made in true form for approval and review with client


Order confirmation

Client confirms the order, exact quantity and agreement of the delivery dates


Finalise designs

Finalise the CAD designs for manufacturing purposes

Programme machinery

Book in the project and set-up of machinery with the appropriate design

Manufacturing process

Manufacturing, overseeing the product output and quality control

Completion & Delivery

Once completed, we will load the products into vehicles ready for delivery

Privacy Screen Designs

Our in-house fiber laser cutting machine cuts super fine detail across numerous designs. Perfect for Architectural Screens or Features.

We work across a variety of sectors and deliver all forms of metal manufacturing. Speak to a member of our team today about your project requirements

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We have a wide range of designs and patterns for laser cutting.

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