Metal fabrication services are essential in the agricultural industry and there are many benefits to using these services. Harvesting is a time sensitive process that requires workers to use the right tools for the business to thrive. This is why metal fabrication services play an important role in how agricultural equipment is manufactured and maintained. Additionally, using high quality materials is vital to creating reliable machinery and equipment. Custom agricultural vehicles need a variety of metal fabrication services for the machinery to operate at maximum efficiency. 

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At Alliance Metal Solutions, we offer custom metal fabrication services and one of the machines we use to create custom designs is the CNC cutting machine. We use processes like laser cutters and hydraulic-powered tools to cut, shape, drill, bend, grind, polish and finish a range of metal components for the agricultural industry. We also focus on machine modifications to make sure the machinery is tailored to our clients’ needs. This includes extending and reducing components of standard machinery like headers, harvesters, spreaders, cultivators and livestock handling equipment. Our team offers repair and maintenance services for agricultural metal structures and frames such as houses and sheds. Alliance Metal Solutions have been providing metal fabrication services for the agricultural industry for 30 years. Our company is based in Western Sydney, Australia and we provide metal fabrication solutions for clients all around the world. With our extensive knowledge and capabilities of metal fabrication, we are able to deliver outstanding quality results for our customers in the agricultural sector.

The Importance of Metal Fabrication Services in the Agricultural Industry

It is crucial to invest in custom fabricated agricultural metal tools and parts to improve productivity. Metal fabrication helps farmers increase their yields while reducing operating costs. When the equipment is customised and professionally fabricated, the components will last longer. If the equipment needs to be replaced, having custom designed equipment will also allow replication which in turn reduces costs. When your equipment is customised, the metal parts are also designed to withstand the elements which improves corrosion resistance and extends the lifespan of different metal parts. Customisation also allows farmers to work with our team to create custom parts best suited for their needs in the harvesting process. This not only improves the quality of the equipment but also comfort of the operator. When all of these benefits are combined and applied to machines including tractors, combine harvesters, hay balers and many more machines, the business is left with more effective and durable equipment.

What Metal Fabrication Processes are used for Australian Agricultural Equipment?

Metal fabrication processes commonly used in agriculture

Reduction Processes

The first step is to reduce the material to the correct size and shape. The most common processes include shearing, punching, blanking and notching.


Welding is one of the most common joining methods. Two pieces of metal are joined together using either gas or electric arc heating. This is useful when extending pieces of equipment to fit a specific machinery size.


After metal is cut or joined, it needs to be shaped, and the stamping process begins. Stamping is the most common shaping process in metal fabrication. Precision metal stamping creates a raised section of a metal on a surface. Metal stampers use dies to cut patterns from sheet metal.


Punching machines then punch holes through sheets of metal by forcing steel tools against the metal at high speeds. This process is often used to shape material for grinders, sprayers, combines and tractors.

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Our customer service, design and management team are available to answer your queries or provide a quote in a timely manner.


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