Alliance Metal Solutions are a privately owned and Australian full service metal fabrication manufacturing business based in Western Sydney.

We work in partnership with our customers to deliver metal solutions for a variety of sectors such as mining, construction, food processing, agricultural, automotive and furniture manufacturing. A number of products we manufacture on a regular basis to high standards. Products such as: battery racks, battery enclosures, transformer enclosures, hot aisle containments, trolleys and dollies.

Sheet Metal

At Alliance Metal Solutions we manufacture precision sheet metal components and assemblies where the quality of our work is supported by our ISO 9001 certification. We work with both stainless steel and aluminium. Our sheet metal is of extreme quality working to near perfect dimensions on laser cutting and folding. Our sheet metal pricing is highly competitive and we work to tight timeframes, without compromising on the quality.

See further examples of our sheet metal work across the construction, mining, agricultural, automotive industries in our projects section.

Battery Racks

Alliance Metal Solutions work within the ISO 9001 quality accreditation frame work. We manufacture a variety of custom made UPS battery racks and cabinets that have been completed load tested for safety purposes. We can make to all requirements and sizes of easy to use racks that are strong, flexible and powder-coated.

Battery Cabinets

AMS manufacture fully assembled DC enclosures for battery systems and/or chargers. A typical cabinet integrates batteries, racking and chargers made for indoor or outdoor rated environments. They can be constructed with batteries, battery/charger combinations, and even DC distribution panels. Batteries can be installed on pull-out drawers or fixed shelves. We can make to a variety heights, widths and depths.

Hot aisle containments (HAC)

We manufacture HAC spaces for various customers and have the knowledge and know-how to make this to suit your requirements.

Hot aisle containment consists of a physical barrier that guides hot exhaust airflow back to the AC return. Hot aisle containment (HAC) takes advantage of the natural properties of warm air rising. The HAC system directs the upward airflow to an AC return system such as a drop-ceiling void. To have HAC spaces made, speak to a member of our team about your specific needs.

Metal Dollies

At Alliance Metal Solutions we manufacture heavy duty sheet metal Dollys to be used for material handling on construction and building sites, for the food industry, removalists and within warehouses for logistics throughout Australia. Our Dollies can be made in a variety of materials and finishes. Mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, galvanised or powder-coated.  

Metal Trolleys

Heavy duty sheet metal trolleys with shelving and sturdy stoppable casters. Can be made to any size and powder-coated to any specified colour. We have experience manufacturing many different types of trolleys from stainless steel trolleys for the hospitality and medical sectors, to mattress trolleys, multiple 2-3-4 tiered trolleys, library and resources trolleys as well as caged trolleys. You name it, we can fabricate it.

Transformer Enclosures

Custom designed for various switchgear/transformer shapes and sizes, our enclosures are suitable for indoor or outdoor use, with a removable cover for access if required or front door panel. Our enclosures are vented to allow heat escape from the transformers to evaporate, whilst still allowing them to retain their IP rating. Enclosures can be made from mild steel and powder-coated.

General Fabrication

At Alliance Metal we can pretty much fabricate anything. We work closely with customers to understand their needs and work on solving product solutions. Here are a range of product items we have and continue to fabricate on a regular basis

Laser Cut Architectural Screens

At Alliance Metal, we have the capability and know-how to manufacture large quantities of screens for multi-residential property development projects. We user our Yawei fibre laser cutting machine to cut any pattern required to suit a project. Powder-coating is also completed in-house with a wide variety of colour options available.

Hearing Test Booths

Alliance Metal Solutions has an ongoing contract to manufacture a range of sound proof hearing booths for an Australian hearing specialist company. These booths get installed into retail outlets, hospitals and other centres throughout Australia.

Perforated zinc plated mild steel, manufactured with insulation for sound proofing along with wiring requirements.

We work closely on design development with this customer through to the processes of turret punchinglaser cuttingfolding welding and finally assembly.

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