Metal fabrication services hold importance in the construction industry, and steel fabrication is a key material used in all building sites across Australia. Quality metal fabrication is essential to any building site as these structures allow workers to easily access different parts of the facility safely.

Metal formwork for construction has been utilised across a range of building sites, from local development projects to large billion dollar construction projects. Without metal fabrication, projects would be hard to complete as perforated metal is used for components such as steel ladders, trusses, roofing and structural beams. As metal formwork is commonly utilised in the construction industry, using high quality, durable metal is crucial to ensure projects are completed in a timely manner. 

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When working with a metal fabrication company like Alliance Metal Solutions, you are guaranteed to receive quality steel structures as we provide innovative solutions and services for the construction industry. 
Alliance Metal Solutions is a metal engineering company specialising in sheet metal and metal fabrication services for the construction industry. We have 30 years of industry experience in the construction industry, allowing us to provide our clients with quality services. Our team consists of qualified professionals that specialise in precision sheet metal fabrication, tube laser cutting, CNC plasma cutting and product design. We are proudly based in Western Sydney, Australia, and our knowledge and capabilities allows us to operate domestically and internationally.

What Metals are Used In Construction?

There are many kinds of metals used in construction, however steel is known as a common metal used in the industry. This is because steel is the most durable and structurally sound material, which makes it capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions including cyclones, gale force winds and even earthquakes. Additionally, steel is fire resistant and can withstand temperatures more than 1000 degrees. Steel is resistant to termites and anything wood is susceptible to like decay, rotting and mould. Steel does not age as quickly as other construction materials. Overall, steel is a cost effective metal that is commonly used in metal fabrication services as it allows structures to be built more efficiently, making it easier for businesses to operate sooner. 

As opposed to steel being one of the most reliable metals to use in the construction industry, stainless steel is not used for construction. This is because stainless steel is susceptible to corrosion and stainless steel tends to overheat, making it hard to perform tasks like welding seam removal. 

How is Steel Used in the Australian Construction Industry?

Steel plays an important role in the construction industry due to its durability, flexibility, cost-effective, versatile and sustainable properties. These properties make structural steel a favourable choice for many applications, and is widely used in the construction of commercial, industrial and residential buildings.

Steel is often used in the construction industry for:

  • Steel frames for modern housing and building designs 
  • Prefabricated steel used in construction when building a trailer, house and even a shopping mall
  • Roofing application as it delivers architectural elements in house designs 
  • Custom design scenarios as steel offers a flexible range in designs

These are only a few examples of how steel is used in the construction industry, and this material holds infinite potential opportunities. At Alliance Metal Solutions, our knowledge and technology-driven approach provides a range of possibilities when it comes to utilising steel in our practices. 
We use advanced technology processes such as MIG welding, CNC bending, laser cutting, plasma cutting, tube laser cutting in metal fabrication services to maintain our presence in the construction industry. Our team has also worked on a wide range of projects such as hot water enclosures, mining conveyor frames, large playground structures, balustrade panels, concrete columns, architectural screens for infrastructures, architectural privacy screens, industrial street furniture, glass coating machines and many more.

Projects AMS has Completed for the Construction Industry

Crown Hotel Resort Sydney, Commbank Stadium, Allianz Stadium, Melbourne Metro Tunnel, Sydney Metro Tunnel, Northconnex, Westconnex, Concord Hospital, Parramatta Square. At Alliance Metal Solutions, our team is committed to serving the Australian construction industry. We hold the ISO9001:2014 accreditation to ensure we meet global standards for our range of services.

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Our customer service, design and management team are available to answer your queries or provide a quote in a timely manner.


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Our diverse range of sheet metal products require attention to detail and precise working tolerances. Alliance Metal Solutions consistently exceeds our expectations in fulfilling our needs. Their assistance in working through difficult and often complicated projects has been highly valued.

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I have had the pleasure of working with the AMS team now for over 12 years. Their service, quality and attention to detail are second to none. We service a demanding industry where response times are critical and the AMS team has never let us down

Greg Perkes
Supply Chair Manager

Our company services the construction industry. Shane and the team are exceptional. Their knowledge and expertise are priceless. Great team, great company to deal with.

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