As there is an increased demand for global internet and intranet services over the recent years, the telecommunications industry heavily relies on metal fabrication solutions for a range of components. These services include design of parts and devices such as telecommunication towers, hot and cold aisle containment systems, security cage systems, metal cabling systems, transformer enclosures, switchgear assemblies, electrical cabinet, battery enclosures, battery cabinets and battery racks.   

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Why Alliance Metal Solutions?

Alliance Metal Solutions has supplied the telecommunications industry with high-quality metal fabrication services for 30 years. Our team is dedicated to providing customised sheet metal solutions for clients in the telecommunications sector and will work with customers from start to finish with our innovative approaches. At Alliance Metal Solutions, we use extremely durable materials with precision-cut parts and prototypes. We use a range of processes and machines to manufacture equipment, such as MIG welding, CNC bending, laser cutting, plasma cutting, tube laser cutting and powder coating. Customers are also able to choose from many materials and finishes, from the type of metal, down to its strength, finish and durability. We specialise in working with materials like stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminium, nickel alloys, titanium alloys and plastics. All our tailored parts and components are designed to be corrosion-resistant.

Our team of professionals are committed to achieving your goals with our metal fabrication services and can guarantee outstanding results. Our company is based in Western Sydney, Australia, and we work with both domestic and international clients in the communications sector. 

What We Provide:

  • Caging Systems
  • Switchborads, gear plates 
  • Cable tray systems
  • Battery Racks 
  • Battery cabinets
  • Telecommunication towers
  • IP rated battery cabinets
  • Transformer enclosures 
  • Gear trays 
  • Custom electrical cages
  • Sheet metal electrical cages and boxes 
  • Panel fabrication 
  • Signal boxes

Projects AMS has Completed for the Communication Industry

Having completed a multitude of projects for a wide range of industry leaders in telecommunication across Australia, we are confident in our understanding and ways of innovation. Our company is able to supply state-of-the-art machinery to manufacture telecommunication equipment to the highest standards and norms. We have always kept abreast of the latest tools, techniques and application technologies within the industry. This ensures quality of work and a high level of performance.

Nearly every organization makes use of some form of telecommunication equipment to make sure daily operations running smoothly. Whether you need to improve standard processes, technical innovation or want to expand your business, Alliance Metal Solutions will make sure you are equipped with the best materials for your purpose.

Get in touch with the team

Our customer service, design and management team are available to answer your queries or provide a quote in a timely manner.


What our customers say

Our diverse range of sheet metal products require attention to detail and precise working tolerances. Alliance Metal Solutions consistently exceeds our expectations in fulfilling our needs. Their assistance in working through difficult and often complicated projects has been highly valued.

Greg Gibbs

I have had the pleasure of working with the AMS team now for over 12 years. Their service, quality and attention to detail are second to none. We service a demanding industry where response times are critical and the AMS team has never let us down

Greg Perkes
Supply Chair Manager

Our company services the construction industry. Shane and the team are exceptional. Their knowledge and expertise are priceless. Great team, great company to deal with.

Project Director

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