Mining companies rely heavily on metal fabrication services to create components that are essential to their operations. Mining companies use metal fabrication services to produce components like conveyor frames, walkways, platforms, blades, hammers, and truck parts. These metal structures play an important role in supporting operations, as they provide a sturdy base for the equipment and machinery used in the mines. The components produced by metal fabricators also prevent works from injury and ensure safety on the mining site. 

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Alliance Metal Solutions is a metal engineering company specialising in CNC bendinglaser cuttingplasma cuttingtube laser cutting and powder coatingMIG welding, and turret punching. We offer an extensive range of services for almost all industries and are able to provide you metal fabrication solutions to achieve your goals. We are experienced sheet metal fabricators with 30 years of industry experience serving the mining sector. Our team consists of metal fabrication experts who are dedicated to providing customers with high quality results.

The Importance of Metal Fabrication Services in the Mining Industry

Metal fabrication is advantageous in the Australian mining industry as it allows miners to safely access equipment. In past years, metal fabrication services have become increasingly popular for existing and new mining sites. As there is a high demand for these services, mining companies are willing to invest in metal fabrication to develop quality facilities. When you have custom-designed machines and equipment, there is less to worry about when equipment is protected from harsh weather conditions. Additionally, metal fabrication for the mining industry also improves productivity through preventing the loss of production from malfunctions. Our maintenance staff will repair any problems that arise on the site, which ultimately reduces the costs associated with repairing equipment. All of these benefits contribute to improved productivity, reliability and durability, leading to high profits for mining companies. At Alliance Metal Solutions, we offer custom-design machines and equipment to suit your specifications and requirements. 

What Kinds of Metal Fabrication Methods are Used in the Mining Industry?

There are a range of metal fabrication methods that are used to produce and repair Australian mining equipment. These common methods include:

Each of these methods provide many benefits to the mining industry depending on the materials used and the processes involved. Metal fabrication services are often used when creating mining vehicles, cranes, excavators, bulldozers, haulage trucks, loaders, dump trucks and wheeled tractors. These services are used to manufacture mine shaft doors, hoists, power lines, electrical cables, ventilation systems, water pipes and other infrastructures required for underground mining.

Projects AMS has Completed for the Communication Industry

Having completed a multitude of projects for a wide range of industry leaders in telecommunication across Australia, we are confident in our understanding and ways of innovation. Our company is able to supply state-of-the-art machinery to manufacture telecommunication equipment to the highest standards and norms. We have always kept abreast of the latest tools, techniques and application technologies within the industry. This ensures quality of work and a high level of performance.

Nearly every organization makes use of some form of telecommunication equipment to make sure daily operations running smoothly. Whether you need to improve standard processes, technical innovation or want to expand your business, Alliance Metal Solutions will make sure you are equipped with the best materials for your purpose.

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Our customer service, design and management team are available to answer your queries or provide a quote in a timely manner.


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Our diverse range of sheet metal products require attention to detail and precise working tolerances. Alliance Metal Solutions consistently exceeds our expectations in fulfilling our needs. Their assistance in working through difficult and often complicated projects has been highly valued.

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I have had the pleasure of working with the AMS team now for over 12 years. Their service, quality and attention to detail are second to none. We service a demanding industry where response times are critical and the AMS team has never let us down

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Our company services the construction industry. Shane and the team are exceptional. Their knowledge and expertise are priceless. Great team, great company to deal with.

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